Day Parlour Car # 6751 (arrived 1989) (3 of 3)

Work Done on the # 6751 after its Arrival at the Museum


Since many of the windows had been covered with plywood, more mahogany window frames had to be found and restored in order to restore all 40 original openings. The exterior was cleaned, primed and painted and re-lettered before the car was moved on to the museum site against the side of the viewing corridor where painting was not possible. The brass racks were removed first and striped of paint.
  The paneling was then removed and taken for repairs, stripping and varnishing. Work also started on restoring the bulkheads to their original positions. This required expert cutting to separate the joined inlaid bulkheads against the ladies room at the B-end of the car. Once cut between the inlays, they were moved forward two window lengths and to each side of the car. The metal clips that had originally attached them to the metal car frame were still intact, as were the holes for the original screws.

At the other end of the main room, a second inlaid bulkhead wall had been added inside the mens' room to provide a space for the steam heat and brine-fed air-conditioning pipes to the fan units over this room. These were removed and the original outer inlaid bulkhead panel moved forward one window set and re-attached to original metal clips. The second bulkhead was used to extend the hallway and provide inlays inside the mens room to match the existing. New supply and return air ducts were installed in the ceilings throughout the car for air flow, and these were connected with some difficulty to a new fan unit in a small corner cabinet just inside the B-end door. After the car had been re-wired for 110 volt electrical service, insulation and vapour barriers were added, and the restored panels reinstalled.


#6751 before and after restoration










Work Yet to do on the #6751 (as of 1999)

  1. 5 brass decorative ceiling grills have yet to be found .
  2. 16 double-globed fixtures have yet to be found.
  3. Another 25 parlour car swivel chairs have yet to be found, and re-upholstered.
  4. Appropriate wool Axminster carpet has yet to be installed.
  5. A sideboard will have to be designed from original photos and built for the A-end of the main room.
  6. A small writing desk and chair will also have to be rebuilt next to the sideboard.
  7. A small seat will have to be constructed in the ladies room and upholstered in plush.
  8. The sofa in the men's room will have to be upholstered in leather and the upper clerestory of the men's room will have to be veneered and varnished to match the original panels onthe lower portions. The same will be required for the ladies room.
Other Notes on the # 6751      

It is the only surviving restored example of this series of car.


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