International Significance of the Trans-Canada Limited  

A study on the international significance of the museums collections was done in 1992 by Robert Turner, then chief of Historical Collections, at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC. Referring to the unusual status of saving a complete train set, Mr. Turner states:

"the collection of the entire train is indeed more interesting and valuable than the sum of the individual cars ... these qualities are heightened by the fact that no other similar train sets are known to exist ... the collections are clearly of national importance and have value far beyond the Cranbrook region or British Columbia."

Stephen Drew, Senior Curator at the California State Railway Museum supports the uniqueness of the set in stating:

"preserving a complete heavyweight passenger train is tantamount to preserving the entire ship rather than just a single stateroom. For those of us in the discipline of railroad preservation, the collection at Cranbrook has a significance throughout North America. In its niche, it is without rival."


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