A Virtual Tour of the Trans-Canada Limited of 1929 (2)

Car #1 of the Trans-Canada Limited

Combination Baggage and Crew Dormitory Car # 4489

  This is one of the most unusual cars built for the Trans-Canada Limited, and was the first car of the train immediately behind the locomotive.  
Baggage Sleeper  
Photograph of a Combination Baggage and Crew Dormitory Car when built

The car design marked a first for Canadian Pacific, wherein the dining car crews were given separate sleeping accommodations for up to 12 persons.

As in other sleepers, the upper and lower berths were provided, but at night in this car, temporary headboards were slid in between the sections for privacy. During the day, the car served as a club-car for male passengers on board the Trans-Canada.


The original varnished mahogany in this car had badly deteriorated. This was caused by accumulated cigar & cigarette smoke, coal dust, soot, and numerous applications of wax and polish. Also, changes in humidity, and excessive ultraviolet in sunlight coming through the windows helped break up the original varnishes into the alligator effect.

The museum has invested substantially in electrical heating and cooling equipment in all restored cars to prevent further such deterioration. Annual maintenance and utility coast are therefore necessarily high to maintain the cars at constant temperature and relative humidity all year.

The door to the baggage section has been left in its as-found condition as an educational piece to illustrate how difficult and costly it is for museums to properly care for artifacts which normally would continue to decay.

The other half of the car, beyond the sleeping sections, was originally used for the personal baggage of the passengers, but now contains displays and a small 20-seat theatre for audio-visual presentation purposes. Someday, as facilities are provided, this will be restored to it's baggage room use.

The car was donated by the giant steel company DOFASCO of Hamilton, Ontario where it had been used by their employees model railway club. It was delivered gratis by the CPR to Vancouver during the successful exhibit of the museum train at EXPO '86.

It is the only surviving car of its type.


On to the Day Parlour Car