A Virtual Tour of the Trans-Canada Limited of 1929 (6)

Car #5 of the Trans-Canada Limited

The Sleeping Car Glen Cassie

This car has an unusual type of layout with 10 private compartments. This is a European-inspired design, and is the only such car surviving.

The hall by-passes all of the private rooms and stretches the length of the car. The wood is Honduran Mahogany, which in the compartments is inlaid with simple border patterns.

Each compartment has a wash basin, and a covered toilet, which also serves as a small seat. All rooms contain an upper berth which can be raised or lowered, similar to those in the last car, the Somerset. Individual room controls for heating and ventilation made the rooms quite comfortable.

When the car arrived, it was in very good modernized condition, but all of the panelling had been painted over in a pastel green. Room # 9, which is indicated by the sign over the door on the hall ceiling, has been left as modernized to show the difference.

This car sometimes functions as our "hotel car" for special functions, as a unique museum experience—an evening aboard the Trans-Canada Limited. Overnight school programs are also offered on occasion.

Two operating showers and two washrooms are also provided in this car for guests, and the car is completely temperature controlled. The showers have been put temporarily in room #10 which had been completely gutted while the car was in work service.

Final ceilings will be put up as funds and time permit, and then the final 3 coats of varnish will be done to produce the permanent glass-like finish done in many of our cars. Carpeting and upholstering will make the car appear as it once did.

This car was used by the CPR in work service out of Vancouver for many years, but the company did not do any serious internal changes. It was donated by the CPR in 1989, and transported gratis to Cranbrook.

It is the last car of its type to survive.


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