A Virtual Tour of the Trans-Canada Limited of 1929 (7)

Car #6 of the Trans-Canada Limited

The Sleeping Car Rutherglen

R series Sleeping Car  
Photograph of an "R" Series Sleeping Car when built
This is the last example of the three type of sleeping cars built for the Trans-Canada Limited of 1929. This particular layout was new for the Canadian Pacific, and had 8 upper and lower berth sections, and one drawing room, which also connected to two adjoining compartments along the hall.



Two sections have been made up for the night use and covered by curtains, similar to the Somerset. They contain very early CPR blankets and monogrammed linen pillow cases and sheets.

The whole car is finished with inlaid quarter-sawn Honduran Mahogany, and the upholstery is very close to the original design. A small piece of blue material on one of the seats shows the modernized material as found in the car when the Rutherglen arrived here.

It might be of interest to note that this car had been painted grey through-out as a modernization in the early 1950's. Besides completing restoration of the lights, trim, and window sills, special brass grill covers will also have to be re-cast and mounted on the ceilings.

The Rutherglen is our most advanced sleeper in terms of restoration, approaching a pristine original-looking exhibition quality. The other two sleepers that you have already been through are also being restored, but with different interpretation aspects in mind. For example, Glen Cassie as noted, is being restored for accommodation, so some restoration details won't be possible. And the Somerset has been half restored and half modernized for greater interpretive purposes.

Another sleeper in our collection is the Redvers, and for comparison purposes, has been left in its modern condition, while the Rutherglen has been restored.

Along the hall is the men's smoking and washroom.

It is the only car to be restored to this configuration. The car was donated by CPR Hotels in 1979, and transported gratis by the CPR .

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